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Brit Writers' Awards' 2012 - Do you hear what I hear? by Ken Brown When I was announced as the winner in the Brit Writers song writing category, I said I was amazed because all the other finalists were so bloomin’ good. Don’t believe me? Check them out for yourself. Go on, give your ears a treat. In no particular order… David Harwick: “Kick start your life” - A great pop tune with an original lyrical theme. It’s seriously catchy so you’ll be singing it all week. You’ve been warned. Malcolm Stretton: “Blood on my TV” – Strong hook, strong message, from the heart. Fab video too. Kay Fallico: “Delirious” - A feast of furious, fiery passion, with powerful pop-rock groove.  This track wouldn’t feel out of place on a Radio One play list. Consider the neighbours and turn the volume down a smidge for this one.   Jack Shaw: “Walk Away” - A fascinating fusion of pop, rap and rock (prack?). This clip features his band, Dancing Lotus, performing the song as part of a BBC Introducing session. Doing it for the kids  Jack has also just produced a lovely Christmassy track called “Snowprints”, available on iTunes to raise funds for Barnardos. Recommendation: Buy, buy, BUY! Then impress the family with how cool and contemporary you are by putting it on repeat in the run up to the Queen’s speech. Regrets, I’ve had a few  Mainly not having enough time to speak to more folk at the awards event. It was great to meet fellow finalists David and Jack, but I failed to spot Kay or Malcolm; if you’re reading, do get in touch. And I’m kicking myself for missing the chance to high-five Joel Cranefield, winner of the junior songwriting award. But I’m delighted to have linked up with the young maestro in the Twittersphere since. What an achievement for an 11 year old. Me myself I Can I be excused a wee smidgeon of shameless self-promotion? My songs. I’m planning to release an enhanced version of the winning song - “What love is” - for charity. It features my daughter, Fay, doing a superb job on lead vocals, in my outrageously biased opinion. And I’m working with a local media student to produce a promotional video. Look out for it in 2013. Ken Brown 20 December 2012   ” - Ken Brown

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This is the 'Song of the Year' songwriting contest... You did incredibly well in the contest. You had an entry that received the Runner Up placement as listed on your personalized placement page at   The 'Runner Up' placement shows that your song received extremely high scores and was found to be competitive with the winning songs. Only the top writers receive this placement.    By the way you did a great job writing creative lyrics for 'Kill The Lights' with lines such as 'Breathing airs of righteousness. Adding to the toll. They say that chains are broken and try to cast the blame.' Great job and congratulations on your songwriting placement! Song of the Year ” - U.S.A. - International Songwriters' contest

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[link to read full article.......]  KAY Fallico and Kat Ferguson have written a song for Oprah Winfrey in a bid to convince her to donate her body to art. The singing and song-writing duo, from Ryde and North Ryde, was inspired to write the song after meeting artist Eva Rinaldi, who would like to paint Oprah’s body for charity when the talk-show queen visits Australia in December..............   ” - Melissa Davey

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Bloody fantastic girls!!! And totally deserved if I may say so. God, I love it when I can say "I knew them before they were famous". I have always loved it. It is a very special creation birthed from the heart. What's that Leonard Cohen song....first you take Manhattan, then the world??? Something like that anyway. You get the meaning. I shall, of course, be placing my voting accordingly. Lots of love to you both, xxoo SJS   My grandson JT died after only nine precious days with us. He was three months early with a brain haemorrhage and passed quietly in the arms of those that loved him. Best Wishes JT (Snr)   Hey this is SO COOL Kay & Kat ... ALL The Best with the Competition! Best Regards, JWS (in Hong Kong at the moment)   Seriously gorgeous! It is soooooo funny but I listened to that very song earlier today!!! :) u gals rockola. Love ya ST   Dear Kay and Kat, that is awesome Congratulations to you both. I agree with the judges that you are both exceptional writers. Look forward to hearing more good news. In admiration- PJS   Absolutely delighted to hear of your success. Well done! Love to you xx GB   Btw KK... Congrats again for the success of your music!!! You totally deserve it... We have to catch up soooon... I miss your smile & your positive energy & good Heart CA   this is awesome xx VP   Go you good things - the start of many, we hope! Congratulations ladies CF   that's incredible!!!!!! My heart dances with joy for you and Kat. I knew this was going to be a good year :) Stay in the light my friend and savour it's blessings xx HC   HOW BLOODY EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!! WHOO HOO........... Hopefully the universe is in your quarter and I will be seeing you off at work one day to London in the near future. I am sooooo excited that you are following your dream, power to you girl. Good luck, Lotsa lovin' xxxxxxxxx KS   You have my vote! To know my son Jesse inspired you to write that Beautiful song about him means the world to me, and I know my beautiful Angel will be voting in Heaven for you as well. xxx JFA   You have the best melody, undoubtedly the best lyrics and the best vocal. Woohoo! JS.... appreciator of talent extraordinaire   if you never write another word or are never involved in another song you will have the irreplaceable memory of what a creation of yours has meant to a soul in sadness and loss and the comfort you have brought. Bless you both for your caring and sharing. SJ   WELL HELLO THERE MY BEAUTIFUL SOULS! 1st of all CONGRATS to you both. I’m sure you will do well in the finals. WOW very exciting times for you both. You have my vote 4 sure. LOVE YOU BOTH WITH ALL MY HEART. X X X X X X X X X X X X X X GP   WOW!!! that is soooo wonderful and exciting!!! Hope u don't mind but I posted a link to it on both my facebook page and my photography page too, with the hope that more people will vote for you!!!!!! You really deserve to win :) I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! Lots-a-luv, xoxoxoxox CC   heard it! liked it! voted for it! loved it and the presentation tell 'KK' that they are welcome to live with us as a base whilst they tour Britain, when they win! PW   Superb song guys. Great melodic creativity and intriguing lyrics. Good luck for the final! Love CAAT xxx   I apologise for not knowing the circumstances of Jesse' passing but I know as a human, parent, educator and now grandpa it must be absolutely devastating to lose someone at the beginning of their life journey. He must have been very amazing. PS   A beautiful song, congrats Kay! And to Kat too! I hope your souls soar to uncommon heights, and All He Needs takes you on a wonderful and long journey. And even then, that just be the very beginning... I struggle to think of more deserving people. Much love and respect - always! GH ” - support of 'All He Needs' (winner of UK International songwriting competition)

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