It's taken Kay Bell a while to get to a place where she finally feels she fits in, creatively.  

She’s always had an artistic streak but these days her primary focus has been lyric/song-writing and she’s come to accept it as her healthy addiction. Writing anything takes time and discipline but when ideas are with you every waking (and sometimes sleeping) moment, Bell says it leaves you no choice but to set free the most persistent of those seeds and hope they’ll land with someone who’ll see their potential and run with them.  

While she appreciates the throng of young voices out there sharing ideas, riding the crest of new creative waves, she also loves 'timeless' songs that can cross the great divide where everyone, young and old, will reclaim them when needed—reliving significant moments from days gone by, or feeling inspired about the potential of new days ahead; discovering an ‘unspoken’ language in the narrative of unfamiliar storytellers who somehow, unexpectedly, ‘get’ what they get; and by ‘feeling’—amplifying an entire gamut of emotions like euphoria, heartbreak, confusion, hope, sorrow, grace, overwhelm, anger, pride, shame, fear, and love.  

It's the idea of amplifying emotion that’s led Bell to start exploring the world of sync songwriting. She finds writing for film and television exciting and challenging in equal measure... she LOVES the power behind strategically placed songs in film and television saying, “There’s nothing better than escaping into someone else’s world for a while and when that world is meticulously thought out, you invest in every breath and heartbeat of the characters on the screen.” This is Bell’s happy place—it’s a place where, as a lyricist, she often relies on other like-minded souls to complete songs that potentially, will be worthy of someone else’s investment in time.  

If you share Bell’s same healthy addiction she urges you to connect with her... and if you’d like to know more about her creative process you might also be interested in checking out her book of original song lyrics, open to collaboration and potential licensing opportunities—'Lyrically Speaking: Seasons of My Life'—available in paperback and eBook formats through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, The Book Depository, Balboa Press along with all good online booksellers.


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