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Songwriting Biography

From time to time, Kay Bell just 'puts it out there'.

The 'it' refers to both lyrics and finished songs - simply to see if, or how, they're received by those with no vested interest in what she's been working on. For her, this has proven to be a really worthwhile barometer of what's striking a chord with people.

Songwriting Achievements:

  • Winning 'Lyricist of the Year', awarded by SONGSALiVE-AUSTRALIA, after securing seven finalist placings overall.
  • Winning a mentorship with legendary LA Producer, David Kershenbaum for a co-written track, “Delirious” (K.Bell/K.Ferguson).
  • Receiving an invitation to attend a songwriting camp in London for a winning co-written track, “All He Needs” (K. Bell/K. Ferguson)—judged by a panel including the late Robin Gibb—while raising awareness and funding in support of the Children’s Cancer Institute of Australia in memory of Jesse French Assange 
  • Having a co-written song, “You Can Fly” (K. Bell/S. Tydeman/A. Snape) placed on hold, under consideration for the opening ceremony of the 2006 Melbourne, Australia—Commonwealth Games.

Songwriting Awards: