While I'm no longer a spring-chicken, I've taken the plunge and fallen in love! I decided to take a detour on the road less travelled and explore a 'full song production' service and I have struck gold, "EUREKA!!!" 

I've been working with Beaird Music Group - an extraordinary music studio in Nashville - and I'm loving everything about the experience: I love their arrangements; I love their session vocalists; I love their session musos; I love their commitment to produce (throughout every step of the process to final mix) songs which now sound like they could sit comfortably on record or radio; and I also love their friendly nature, efficiency, and quick response times. 

I am truly in awe of Beaird's skilled, savvy team and the two new 'country' songs that I now feel humbled to call my very own, and I feel genuinely blessed to have so many people share their expertise and creativity to help me move forward (so effortlessly) as a lyricist/songwriter. 

Stay tuned to hear a couple of my latest recordings, on this space...