Writing is always a very personal, often introspective thing to do and I feel I can speak on behalf of most writers in saying that it often leaves us  questioning whether we really have anything worthwhile to share beyond the parameters of our own headspace. We know that our family and friends will always support us, but sharing creative projects with those who have no vested interest in us can be such a challenge, often instilling a fear of rejection into most scribes. 

I have learnt over the years that decisions within any creative field can be swayed- and ultimately made- by random individuals who bring their own story into the decision making process, including their life experience and circumstance on any given day -  and this has helped me to put things into perspective and to keep setting words free, regardless of feedback, to see what unfolds... I have been told things in the past I didn't like such as "great song idea but needs more work on the metering of lines" but these days I render critiques like this powerless, as from my perspective they have no real foundation. I've learnt that comments like this have been written by people who count the number of syllables per line (in songwriting) and feel a sense of sympathy towards these narrow-minded critics as they haven't had the blessed opportunity to work with someone like Kat Ferguson who I will always deem, 'Queen of Spacing & Phrasing'. I love lines that are unpredictable - lines that create a new way of saying things not just in the concept, but in the delivery. 

I have heard about people being crushed by feedback when they put their creative work into public forums; however, I have come to understand over many years of pursuing life on a wonderfully unpredictable creative freeway that songs which repeatedly strike a chord with various random strangers have something of merit in them which in turn, cements my desire to keep creative offerings falling on the ears of strangers. 

On a closing note remember this: Creativity is subjective - never let feedback chip away foundations of your innate potential. Search out avenues that will best light your creative flame and share your offerings with the world! 

Kay :)  (10/09/18)