As a lyricist/songwriter I hope that my words affect people. I hope that at some point in time, some of them trigger spontaneous joy, love, laughter, sorrow, reflection, and when needed hope, for brighter days ahead. Overall, they're written with the intention of supporting and inspiring the human spirit. 

Having said that, I'm really thrilled to hear 'For Our Children' (a song of peace & hope for humanity, co-written with Jim Shipstone) has been placed as a semi-finalist in all 4 categories (A/C, Soft Rock, Video, Lyrics only) in the UK Songwriting contest - wooo hoooo!!!! 

I'm so glad this song has been noticed ... from my perspective, the atrocities reported on regular news feeds are showing a definite disconnect between people the world over - seriously, what's happening to human'kind'? I hope this song helps to inspire a global conscious effort towards living in peace, where we reconnect, for the betterment of mankind, as one human race. 

I want to leave something worthwhile behind when my 'living' lease runs out ... don't you?