A couple of weeks ago one of my co-writers, Jim Shipstone, and I had the very great pleasure of attending a local Senior Girl's College to witness the debut performance of one of our song collaborations—‘For Our Children’—sung as a choral arrangement for the very first time. 

These girls did such a lovely job after only half a dozen or so rehearsals, under the expert guidance of Choir Director, Clare McFadden. 

It’s a strange thing, procrastination... I’d felt, or perhaps could even say known, for some time that this song would suit a choral performance yet it stayed in the ‘to be done’ file in my head for the longest time. 

I have always been someone who has lived with good intention—I was recently forced to cull my gift-card box because the larger box (an A4 a file box!) that housed them had started to bulge beyond capacity and rip—yet something until now has somehow always held me back from ‘follow through’. 

It’s nice to say, things ‘feel’ different now. I have finally sent procrastination packing and each time it knocks on my brain I sternly say, “Go Away!!!” 

To be honest, I had put off looking into the choral arrangement believing it would be a massive hurdle (and let’s face it, I’ve never been good at hurdles!) yet when I decided to see through that intention everything fell into place so effortlessly. I contacted one person from the Australian National Choral Association and they very kindly emailed me back to say while they weren’t able to help me with choir arranging, Mark Puddy is the man who can. I contacted Mark and in less than a week he emailed through our first choral arrangement. 

Yep... those of you who know me will know I whispered “thank you!” into the air, to whoever was listening out there, that helped to orchestrate those connections and of course every connection since, that has brought ‘For Our Children’ to its ever so humbling, debut performance. 

Sending out peace, soul to soul, For Our Children... :)