BLOG #8: "It's the Final Countdown"





Tonight, the well-known lyrics sung by the 80’s Swedish rock band Europe, “It’s the final countdown”, popped into my head—one of those random thoughts that leaves you wondering where it came from.


It wasn’t until I glanced at the date (in relation to a friend’s birthday) that I realised it must’ve been my subconscious working overtime, reminding me that today’s the 20th and it’s precisely a month until my book’s launch date! How weird ... and wonderful is that? Strange how the mind works. It’s like without me knowing, my head’s ‘stepping up’, well aware that I don’t plan too much too far ahead, preferring to leave myself free to feel my way and/or be spontaneous.


Whether you’re hearing this song for the first time or it’s ingrained into your cells from the 80's, I hope you enjoy this powerful piece of music history (aka my past, haha!)—the rock anthem by Europe, “The Final Countdown”.