Blog newbie: Let's divvy up the fairy floss!

Okay… I’ve decided to add a new ‘time’ to my weekly clock – somewhere between the day-time and night-time I’m going find a chunk of space and squeeze in ‘blog’-time – not entirely sure of my blogging direction yet (maybe a meld of writing, lyrics and music) but I know it’ll surface in its own time, without me probably even realising.


Most of you know I teach (focussing my energy nowadays mainly on Effective Communications instead of drama – love sharing life skills!). I’ve also done part time bookkeeping for nearly 30 years with the one employer (how’s that for stability?) and I’ve been told along the way that’s a great profession to keep me ‘grounded’ – ba-humbug (tell that to the me who often finds herself flying in dreams!) but the main passion driving (I’ll reserve the right to ‘drive’ the magical flying car in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) me on a daily basis has been, for a long time, playing with words.


Writing, for me, feels like some beautiful addiction with my drug of choice being script writing and even more so, the writing of song lyrics.


I love the idea of encompassing an entire idea or whole story within a standard 3 minute allocation of ‘song’ time and to hear your words floating effortlessly above exquisite melodies is nothing short of euphoric.  We all have stories – I’m probably somewhere close to midway through my ‘story’ and yet somehow I feel like I’m readying myself to walk brand new ground. 


Soon to self-publish my very first book I’ve survived an entire gamut of emotion throughout the process. Now, I’m preparing myself best I can, checking off a list much like I would have done getting ready for school camp, even down to the standby items that ‘might’ be needed – things like insect repellent, wet weather gear, pain relief & even a few hidden gems to share with my friends during those unexpected ‘special’ moments. Now, after two years in the making, I’m finally ready to set my words free and see where they land.


I’d love to turn and see you sitting alongside me sharing this ride, while I explore and discover new ‘things’ from the perspective of the Carousel or Ferris wheel (these days you’ll only ever find me on a Rollercoaster if brute force has pushed me there). My aim, above all else, is to share first-hand experience on both my best and worst days; hoping the latter are few and faaaaaaaaaaaaaar between.


I look forward to meeting and getting to know all of you more along the way; hearing about what makes you tick – what you can see from your perspective on the Carousel or Ferris wheel, especially in sharing your own turf stories and the ground you’ve had to tread (or gallop across, like Jane and Michael Banks) whilst emancipating your own creative spirits.


I hope this blog provides an arena where we can all regroup between rides and divvy up the fairy floss while we chat, sharing worthwhile news, comments, feedback and opinions.


On a side-note, yesterday I shared a fantastic ‘Day on the Green’ in the Hunter Valley Vineyards, featuring some great Aussie music… that’ll have to wait until next week!

You Rock! Kay