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"Beware of strangers!" sometimes you should - sometimes you shouldn't...


Writing is always a very personal,often introspective thing to do and I feel I can speak on behalf of most writers in saying that it often leaves us  questioning whether we really have anything worthwhile to share beyond the parameters of our own headspace.


I must confess... I'm in love!


While I'm no longer a spring-chicken, I've taken the plunge and fallen in love! I decided to take a detour on the road less travelled and explore a 'full song production' service and I have struck gold, "EUREKA!!!"


Helping songs find their place in the world...


A couple of weeks ago one of my co-writers, Jim Shipstone, and I had the very great pleasure of attending a local Senior Girl's College to witness the debut performance of one of our song collaborations—‘For Our Children’—sung as a choral arrangement for the very first time.



Let’s Remember Where We Were When Ziggy Fell


'David Bowie' has left an eternal flame of inspiration burning brightly in the collective heart of humanity, within his extraordinary body of creative work spanning alomost 50 years.



One very funny story came to mind this week when I was reflecting on his mass appeal ...


A pat on the back 'For Our Children' :)


I want to leave something worthwhile behind when my 'living' lease runs out ... don't you?


For Our Children - a new, original co-written song, fresh out of the studio! :)


I'm so excited to finally be able to share my latest original song, For Our Children, with you co-written by Jim Shipstone, performed by Bernice Hickford, produced and mixed by John Roy @ John Roy's Recording Studios, and mastered by Leon Zervos @ Studios 301 Sydney. Along with the beautifully poignant slideshow, compiled by Jessica Fallico, I'd like to thank all the wonderful photographers who have made their images available on Creative Commons. Links to all Photographs can be found on my 'Links' page. Enjoy!



Birthing one of my greatest achievements!


I can’t believe it—AARRRRRRGGHHH!!!! So much has been happening; and looking back at things, from where I am now, the last 5-10 years have been such a rush!!!


I’ve been thinking lately about being told, way back then, I'd write a book, and well ... I laughed it off; yet here I am today, with what’s now one of my greatest achievements (besides becoming a mum, of course) beautifully packaged between the covers of my first book, Lyrically Speaking: a collection of original song lyrics, yet to be set to music (seriously ... how cool does it look?!!)