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BLOG #8: "It's the Final Countdown"


Tonight, the well-known lyrics sung by the 80’s Swedish rock band Europe, “It’s the final countdown”, popped into my head—one of those random thoughts that leaves you wondering where it came from.


BLOG #7: Extraordinary songs can find you anywhere!


Small Bump, by Ed Sheeran, is an extraordinary song—he has an uncanny ability to write quirky, fresh, yet extremely moving lyrics—I’m in awe…


BLOG #6: It's 'About Time' you did yourself a favour...


I love people using words in ways which have us considering the life we’re living.


BLOG #5: Let's watch that film "Once" more!


Yesterday I watched a movie that’s been on my “to do” list forever—it was just what my creative spirit needed!


BLOG #4: Music Making Memories...


I’m not too long home from a wonderful week away at Salamander Bay, 2 hours north of Sydney; a real ‘break’—a world away from technological check-ins— where I became immersed, sharing space & time with extended family and more specifically my beautiful niece, Karina, as she prepared for one of the biggest days of her life—her wedding.


BLOG #3: 'The Perfect Shade Of Pink'


I believe one of the most exciting, living artists and (co) writers in contemporary music is Alecia Moore (aka Pink)… she is raw, yet heartfelt; blatantly honest, yet poignant; ruthless, yet gentle.


BLOG #2: 'A Day On the Green'


Last week I mentioned that I was given the opportunity to share a brilliant afternoon & evening of Aussie music at a ‘Day on the Green’ held at the Bimbadgen Winery in Hunter Valley vineyards, north of Sydney—man, what a score!


Blog newbie: Let's divvy up the fairy floss!


Okay… I’ve decided to add a new ‘time’ to my weekly clock – somewhere between the day-time and night-time I’m going find a chunk of space and squeeze in ‘blog’-time...